Combine a beautiful couple with a breathtaking venue and the results are stunning. Layne and Shannon exchanged vows under an arch of flowers. The emotional groom was swept away with love for his beautiful bride. After a quick hug with her father, the groom regained his composure and professed his great love for Shannon. Shannon glowed as smiled back at Layne. Their reception was just perfect under the Paso Robles warm summer night. They harvest tables were filled with laughter, love and good food. Once the cake was cut, Layne and Shannon moved their way to the dance floor where guests were not disappointed. This entertaining couple showed off their hard work on the dance floor, ending with Shannon being swept off her feet in her husbands arms. The sun set and the barn filled with warm lights and as you walked away you could hear magical sounds of laughter and music swirled together. Layne and Shannon I hope you always have this much fun laughing, loving, and dancing in your marriage. Congratulations.