With each wedding there are certain things that make an impression on me: like the first look, or the sweet bond of a family, or the groomsman that can do the worm. Hugo and Leticia's wedding was special. This sweet couple endured a family emergency just a week before the wedding causing them to put family first. The wedding plans took a backseat. You would never know that every detail wasn't in place if you were a guest because the love of family was so great that day the wedding "fluff" didn't matter. But what I will never forget is the intimate time of prayer Hugo and Leticia had before the ceremony. With eyes closed and tears streaming down their face they gripped each other's hand in thanksgiving and prayer.  Then during their ceremony, the Mariachi band sand "Hosanna." It was beautiful and powerful. In that moment it was as if we had stepped into a sacred space in the San Miguel Mission. After the ceremony, the couple danced the night away with their family and friends. Hugo and Leticia you are a beautiful couple inside and out. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Espinoza!

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