I purchased a new camera recently and was in denial of the price and didn't want to open it for a few days. While the kids were finishing their homework one afternoon, I busted that puppy out and decided to give it a try.  As I have done in the past with a new camera, I took random pictures around my house to test out low lighting situations, speed, etc.  I have to say, it's a great camera.  I started snapping away and found myself just documenting my everyday life around my house since (like most moms) I know it like the back of my hand.  As of whole, I consider myself an very organized person and honestly I love a clean house.  Well, as I as taking pictures I realized that much of our every day mess tells a story for our family and can make me laugh.  So, welcome to my world...

Addie loves anything about animals.  She checked out this tiger book at the library this week and loved everything about it.  Brody always finishes his homework before Addie (he is in Kindergarten) so he gets about 15-20 minutes of screen time while Addie reads...he LOVES this and LOOOOOVES Mindcraft.  Confession: I have never played and honestly have no desire.

Yes, I put up some slight Fall decorations in the middle of September even though it was 90+ degrees outside.  I had a Dollar Bin score at Target and couldn't wait.  Downstairs if often blocked off with Brody's latest Lincoln Log/Magnatile creation.  It is a sad moment when I tear them down to vacuum and we have taken many of cell phone pictures to commemorate the intelligent design.  The view of the kitchen table is one I often see since I live at the sink between dishes and cooking.  We have an Instagram wall next to the table that is the best reminder of how blessed we are since we can relive our last 6 months through pictures hanging up.  Our frig doesn't have much on it since the house is small BUT we currently are showing off Brody's Flagpole Award and Chris's INCREDIBLE administration picture from work. 

Each Sunday Evening, I sit in this spot on the couch and make the meal plan for the week.  Last week Brody asked to plan what we ate since he is typically not a huge fan of anything healthy...he chose grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, cheese burgers, and going out to eat.  Nailed it.  Oh and the basketball rim, a little door decor used occasionally.

Right when you walk upstairs there is a Spiderman lunchbox with a long piece of yard tied onto it.  Brody had it set up as a booby trap which I successfully ran into when the UPS man delivered my camera.  In Brody's room there are always stuffed animals and blankets everywhere along with Star Wars related items throughout.  The latest creation is his Christmas List since my mom's asked what the kids wanted for Christmas.  I joked I didn't even know what they were going to be for Halloween let alone the Christmas list.

I admit, I don't make beds.  As I said, I love an organized house (even though it may not look like it through these pictures) but beds are a hard one for me.  My washing machine is where I hide art projects the kids made that are trying to make their way to the recycling can...these two boxes were the kids robots.  

We recently re-did Addie's room and it's her absolutely favorite...leopard print everywhere with a slew of crafts and a hammock chair. :)  She has been busy with crafts the last few weeks (remember the robots) so her desk is almost impossible to find in the mist of it all.  As much as I DID NOT want a stuffed animal hammock too, I finally gave into her desire because her room was beginning to overflow with the stuffies and I honestly don't know how she fit on her bed with them all.  

We like to sleep with the windows open each night to cool off the house.  The breeze often makes the kids' doors slam slut so in our brilliance we used one of the million stuffed animals as a door stopper.  This frog was the latest victim.  No matter how many times I clean the kids' bathroom mirror, this is the look it has. :)  I guess they are really good brushers which our dentist (and dear friend) would love to know. 

Thanks for taking the tour of our mess with a story.  Oh how thankful I am for all that I have and those I get to share life with. xoxo