The Fall in Paso Robles is always a breathtaking backdrop because all the grape vines start to change colors.  For living here over 12 years now I am still embarrassed to say that I know little about the Harvest process that all the wineries go through.  Luckily for me, I got to meet one of my dear friends at the kids' school and they have Glunz Family Winery here in Paso Robles (everyone should go there...amazing wines, sangria, and now a pizza oven...heaven).  Sarah asked me to capture some of the harvest process for the winery yesterday and it was truly incredible!  While I love SO much about this family, my heart felt extra full watching this whole group work together because the winery truly is a family affair.  With over 3 generations working together, it was so fun watching the little kiddos run around with grape clusters in their hands and smiling over the tractor rides.  Thank you Glunz Family for allowing me to join in on the fun and for being an awesome family in our community! xo

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