I absolutely love taking wedding pictures in the Paso Robles area during the Spring.  The colors are usually still vivid from the winter rains and the weather is simply lovely.  All week long I was watching the weather for my wedding on Saturday and rain showed for 3 days.  Luckily a few months back I purchased a few umbrellas to prep for "El Nino."  My reaction to the forecast made me say, 'Well, I have umbrellas and this will be great...promise.'  I have to say that my words were correct.  Steve and Gail's wedding was jaw dropping because truly the whole time we took pictures outside the rain held off but the minute we went into the church it started coming down.  In fact, right when I hugged them bye and got into my car, it started pouring.  Oh how thankful I was!  Watching the joy on Steve and Gail's faces when the rain came was priceless.  They are such a joyful, sweet couple.  I am so excited for the new Mr. and Mrs. Weber!!

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