Martin and Amber could have literally jumped out of a magazine because the creativity and character of this wedding was unreal!  Having all the festivities at the family's property, Vintage Ranch provided such an incredible backdrop for this fall wedding with a 20's twist.  Guests arrived at the barn to be treated to delicious drinks and appetizers.  A large mirror and an assortment of headpieces and pearls awaited any guests that felt they needed some sprucing up on their 20's attire.  Amber's daughter then lead the parade of guests and the Cosmo Alleycats band down the vineyard path to surprise everyone with finding Amber and Martin waiting under the grand oak tree in middle of the vineyard.  Guests walked straight up to the ceremony where these two were married and then celebrated with the pouring of a champagne tower.  It was amazing!  As always, Trumpet Vine Catering spoiled everyone with incredible food throughout the night.  I have to say too, Greer with Greer Scout Vintage Rentals and Judi with Embellish Vintage Rentals nailed this wedding with their AMAZING pieces...the entire area under the tree was decorated with various sitting areas that had some of the most amazing couches and chairs around.  

It's clear I loved this wedding but what stuck out the most to me was that Martin and Amber truly made their wedding their personalities.  They took a different route in the traditional wedding celebration and left their guests (and me) with such a fun surprise and an evening of indulging.  Thank you for the gift of capturing your wedding, Amber and Martin!  You two are such a joy to be around and I am so excited for you both!