I have to apologize now for the amount of pictures that are included in this blog posting...I just couldn't narrow them down any further!  Julian and Francine's downtown San Francisco wedding  last weekend was truly spectacular!!  The ceremony was at Saint Peter and Paul Church next to Washington Square (hands down one of the most stunning churches I have be in with incredible architecture) and the reception was at the Grand Hyatt next to Union Square.  Luckily for me, both Julian and Francine were excited to venture around downtown for pictures and were able to soak up some fame as they walking around stunning people with how beautiful of a couple they are...and yes, people were constantly taking their pictures as they walked by.  We all smiled and laughed.  For me this wedding was a dream because it wasn't the typical Central Coast wedding with a spacious ranch, beach or vineyard (don't get me wrong, those are still my favorite to capture).  I got to work with huge buildings taller than the four story ones we have in Paso :) and really turn on my candid work while capturing Julian and Francine explore around a huge city.  I have to say though, not every couple (myself included) could shine like these two.  They clearly are beyond photogenic but their kind, humble, and gracious hearts are what made them stand out even more to me.  Julian and Francine are a stellar couple and I feel so honor to have worked with them!

On a side note, I have to give a HUGE shout out to my parents because they were the no-rain prayer warriors for this day and for me.  The forecast had rain all weekend predicted so Franny and I packed up the mass amount of umbrellas as we drove up to the City.  It dumped on us the entire second half of the trip but God is so good and we didn't have a drop of rain during the 9 hours of shooting on Saturday.  Oh so thankful!