This wedding was set in the beautiful Groves on 41. Which isn't just olive trees. It is a living fairy tale, and with every corner you turn you find a new hidden treasure of beauty.  And for Bryan and Stephanie that is exactly what they wanted: Beauty. Adventure. Fun. And as luck would have it, even a little magic. Even though many would say the magic happened at sunset, I would say the magic..the beauty of this wedding was the love. The love for this sweet couple. Their whole community of friends and family came together to make their wedding perfect for this sweet couple. What blessing to see a community give back to a couple who has poured into their families. Bryan and Stephanie are the perfect match. His desire to make life fun and filled with laughter pairs perfectly with her ability to laugh at the drop of hat. They danced the night away with upbeat music and fun friends. And truly as the sun set, not one but two magical rainbows arched over wide and long above our heads. What a gift of beauty. Bryan and Stephanie, it was a blessing to be apart of your wedding. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Way!

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