It's a gift capturing a family celebration...the laughter, the happy tears, the glow.  I often find myself smiling just as much as the next person whenever I am at a wedding.  Saturday was exactly this.  Zach and Mindy's wedding at Still Waters Vineyards in Paso Robles was truly fantastic.  Surrounded by intimate friends and family, these two had an incredible wedding overlooking the rows of vines at Still Waters.  I have to admit that I choked up watching Zach wait for his adorable baby girl to attempt to walk down the aisle before his gorgeous bride.  As most toddlers, Miss Olivia needed her daddy's help so Zach walked to Olivia and then carried her down the aisle...yes, he got to walk the aisle with both of his girls on one day.  It's moments like this that I love freezing.  Thank you Zach and Mindy and congratulations to your beautiful family of three!