I might squeal for joy!  Hector and Blanca's wedding was just that wonderful that I have to share...and share...and share.  The pictures will hopefully help tell the story but a few things do stick out in my head.
1. Blanca is stunning!  Her red lipstick with all the bright colors around her made everyone stop in their tracks.  And Hector can work the camera and is one handsome man...could they be a more perfect match?
2. Their hearts are pure, sweet, and genuine.  I left encouraged by this wedding and the union that took place.
3. COLOR! Every detail was bathed in color to provide the true authentic Mexican wedding the couple was striving for.  From the mariachi band to Mexican dancers to traditional pastries, I love that they stuck to traditions and culture to celebrate their wedding.   
4. Holland Ranch continues to provide an unbelievable backdrop for weddings and I am blown away by it all sometimes.
5. I love this wedding!