I love barns.  I love everything about how the light creeps through the slats to the rustic feel is gives an elegant wedding...needless to say, I need one. :)  Grant and Claire's wedding was absolutely perfect all the way to the end.  We started at Dolphin Bay Resort for the girls shots, went to a beach house in Pismo for the guys shots, meet up with all the guests at Nipomo Presbyterian Church for a beautiful ceremony and finished at the amazing Dana Powers Barn.  Lots of driving but worth every trip.  Each location had such a different backdrop that I was in heaven with all the various places to take pictures.  Ending up at the Dana Powers Barn was just a cherry on top of it all since Claire and Grant we willing to ride tractors, play scrabble on an old truck, peak through lemon trees and so much more.  I have to say the dancing was a true highlight to the entire day...it seemed that every guests was on the dance floor having an incredible time.  All in all, it was a perfect way to capture the first day of Mr. and Mrs. Steinbronn.  Congratulations to you both!!!