I am still floored with how ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Megan looked on Saturday.  This couple seemed straight from a magazine and honestly couldn't take a bad picture...if only I could take some pointers. :)  Alex and Megan's wedding was held at the Dana Powers Barn in Nipomo which ALWAYS provides an unbelievable backdrop for any photographer.  There are places to take pictures on almost every corner with color, texture, scenery, and more...I love it there.  However, I have to comment on the decor because it was a collaborative effort by Megan's friends and family.  One of the first questions I asked myself when I walked in was 'Who did these flowers? They are beautiful!'  Well...they did...all of them.  I was beyond impressed and the barn looked amazing.  I could have taken pictures all night just of the decor...but then I saw Megan and she definitely trumped the flowers with beauty.  Alex and Megan's sweetness together was inspiring and I loved hearing Alex brag about how beautiful his bride is.  Enjoy the pictures!