It's inevitable for the amount of weddings I go to on a yearly bases and not wonder what my kiddo's weddings will be like one day.  I ALWAYS get sappy in the vows, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance...I blame this solely on my incredible children.  Well, Marc and Lashira's wedding on Saturday stepped it up a notch for me in something I would love to see at my children's weddings.  Lashira's dad (whom I must add has the dancing skills of contestants on So You Think You Can Dance) surprised Marc and Lashira with a solo dance (yes, you heard correctly).  Not knowing the dance was coming myself, I commented to him during the reception that I heard to watch his dancing moves.  Mr. Alexander noted "You are going to think that Michael Jackson was resurrected after tonight"...oh how correct he was!  Amazing.  Upon getting home that night I told my wonderful, loving, non-dancing husband about his new responsibility for our kids' weddings and I think he almost fell down.  He has some words to tell Mr. Alexander (like why did you set the bar so high?!) but I just want to say, THANK YOU, Mr. Alexander! :)

Everything about Marc and Lashira's wedding was wonderful!  Yes, the rain fell hard in the morning but we were so blessed with amazing, beautiful blue skies in the afternoon.  The beach at The Cliffs Resort always leaves me breathless.  It's truly stunning...especially when you place an incredible couple like Marc in Lashira in the mist of it all.   I was spoiled with being around these two for the whole day and loved watching them celebrate.  Thank you and blessings!

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