I have been looking forward to this wedding since I first chatted with Wade and Mindy a few months back.  Their attention to detail AND their desire to have a wedding that is "THEM" was inspiring.  Having an intimate wedding with close friends and family, everyone was given an experience at Wade and Mindy's wedding.  Yes, guests were treated to a creative wedding ceremony location, a spectacular/unique hotel, a delicious 5 course meal...but greater than that, guests experienced things that represented Wade and Mindy as a couple.  Instead of wedding cake Mindy had pies from their local bakery imported freshly baked that day, instead of dancing at the reception there was a movie shown on the upstairs outdoor patio, a book full of their letters and e-mails sent over the years was showcased for guests to read...the list keeps going on for how amazing the night was.

On the photography side, we had a day full of adventure and diversity in not only lighting but also location.  Take a deep breath since here is where we went to capture important spots to both Wade and Mindy as a couple: all in and around the Granada Hotel and Bistro, Lemon Grove Trail at the base of Madonna Mountain, BooBoo Records, nighttime walk downtown and finally, Black Sheep Bar in downtown San Luis Obispo.  The options were unlimited on what we could do and truthfully I wish I had hours with them to explore and play with lighting but I have to say that I appreciate that Mindy is not a picture lover and wanted to work fast.   The challenge was on to be creative in a quick, candid manner but it was good to be pushed to do something different.  All in all, it was a fantastic wedding and I felt privileged to be a part of the team!

Venue: Granada Hotel and Bistro; Caterer: Granada Hotel and Bistro; Hair and Makeup: Kim and Co.