Over the years I have had the great gift of capturing various weddings of a sweet group of friends.  I have to say that every wedding has been truly spectacular and completely different thus making my job so stinkin fun.  From a Hawaiian beach resort to a Los Osos Bed and Breakfast to a San Luis Obispo Ranch and now a Palm Springs golf course, I have LOVED being with this group (especially when dancing comes around)!

Trent and Amber's wedding was nothing shy of amazing.  Having all festivities at the picturesque Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa, we ventured around and got to experience everything from bright, warm skies to heavy clouds at sunset.  The ceremony was on the rooftop at the resort with the reception following in one of the ballrooms.  I have to note the...flowers!  I am often in awe of florist because they can truly transform a place with flowers but this wedding took it to a new level of amazingness.  Trent and Amber's decor literally left people speechless when they walked into the wedding and I constantly heard, "WOW! This looks like a celebrity wedding!"  And it did.  

Thank you, Trent and Amber, for the gift of being with you both and capturing this amazing day for your family.  I sincerely hope to see you all soon!  

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